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The Area Agency’s Elder Resource Guide is designed to help you find the resources you need to meet your needs in Maricopa County. These booklets are available free of charge.


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Late-Life Domestic Violence Support Groups

Late Life Domestic Violence Support Groups provide education and necessary support for victims of domestic violence who are 50 and older. The Area Agency currently provides five support groups throughout Maricopa County, located in Mesa, Phoenix, Paradise Valley/Scottsdale, and Sun City.


The groups meet weekly and address the cycle of violence, types of abuse, communication, self-esteem, and the impact of economic, social, and religious beliefs on divorce or separation.


Group counseling provides participants a safe environment. Members support each other in the decisions each face. The group experience can often bring hope and humor to a seemingly hopeless situation.


Late-Life Domestic Violence Support Group For Persons Age 50+

Tuesdays 10am – 11:30 am at various locations in Mesa, Phoenix, Paradise Valley/Scottsdale, and Sun City. For more Information Call the Senior HELP LINE – 602-264-HELP (4357).

Adult Protective Service (APS)

The APS Service Coordination Program accepts referrals from APS for clients who are vulnerable due to abuse, neglect & exploitation.


APS Service Coordinators respond to referrals within two working days and can authorize immediate Home and Community Based Services (HCBS), even if there is a waiting list, in order to stabilize the situation. For more information, or to report abuse, visit or call (877) SOS-ADULT.

Hoarding Therapy Group)

Hoarding behavior is a concern that has received a lot of attention in the media recently. Do you see yourself as someone who may have this issue?


We offer a support group entitled “Too Many Treasures®”, designed to affirm, educate, and gently guide individuals who self-identify with hoarding behaviors. The group is open to individuals who are 60 years+ and able to commit to attending all group sessions.


If you would like more information about joining the group, please contact the Area Agency on Aging at 602-241-5577 or email Mary Coalson.

Singing in the Rain (Transition Workshop)

Maricopa Elder Behavioral Health Advocacy Coalition (MEBHAC), through the Area Agency on Aging, offers an eight-part series workshop entitled Singing in the Rain. Crafted to help older adults learn how to create happiness and well being in the midst of all that life demands and its inevitable surprises.


The workshop facilitator uses scientifically proven strategies that help you feel more positive, grateful, creative and joyful. Using group interaction and assignments, participants learn new skills to create positive engagements in life, identify ways to increase happiness, and develop greater resilience.


If you would like more information about the Singing in the Rain workshop, please contact the Area Agency on Aging at 602-241-4724 or email Heidi Donniaquo.

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