24-hour Senior HELP LINE:  602-264-4357 (HELP)

The Search for the right resources to meet your needs can be an overwhelming one. That's where the Area Agency on Aging can help. The Area Agency serves as the central information and resource center for finding services and assistance for older adults throughout Maricopa County and offers many programs to assist people in meeting their needs.

The Senior HELP LINE is a social service program of the Area Agency on Aging, available to answer telephone requests for information and assistance. There are many aging services available in Maricopa County, but seniors and their caregivers can become overwhelmed by the maze of choices.

The Senior HELP LINE professional staff works with the caller to determine the actual issue that prompted their call. The Information and Assistance Specialists can then identify the resources or services that would best meet the identified need of the caller. The Senior HELP LINE staff can assist in answering your questions about transportation, housing, long-term care, home delivered meals, home care, and other services. Information and assistance services are available in both English and Spanish.

The Senior HELP LINE is a one-stop resource for linking people in need with the information, assistance and resources they require so that they may continue living on their own.

The Area Agency recognizes that people need to find answers to their questions, and the time they usually have available to do this is often after regular business hours. That's why we've expanded the Senior HELP LINE to a 24-hour service.

Call today for assistance with:

* Information on Benefits
* Recreation/Senior Centers
* Referrals to services
* Older Worker referrals
* Caregiver information
* Volunteer Opportunities
* Counseling
* Adult Day Health Care
* Minor Home Repair
* Intergenerational Programs
* Housing Options
* Support Groups
* Home Health Aids
* Legal Help
* Home Delivered Meals
* Nurse Visits
* Transportation
* General Information

And much more!
Spanish Speaking assistance available.

The Senior HELP LINE (602) 264-HELP (4357)

TTY/TDD 602-241-6110

Don't hesitate, call us anytime.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Area Agency on Aging, Region One, must make a reasonable accomodation to allow a person with a disability to take part in a program, service or activity. For example, this means if necessary, the Area Agency on Aging must provide sign language interpreters for people who are deaf, a wheelchair accessible location, or enlarged print materials.  It also means that the Area Agency on Aging will take any other reasonable action that allows you to take part in and understand a program or activity, including making reasonable changes to an activity. If you believe that you will not understand or take part in a program or activity because of your disability, please let us know of your disability needs in advance if at all possible.  Please contact the Area Agency on Aging, Region One, at (602) 264-2255.