DOVES® Program


Doves LogoThe DOVES® program helps victims of late-life (ages 50+) domestic violence overcome the unique challenges that older victims face when they attempt to protect themselves and leave their abusers. You can view a short video on the program and some of its success stories.

Services Available:

  • Case Management
  • Support Group Meetings
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Emergency, Transitional & Interim Housing
  • Job Readiness & Search
  • Transportation
  • DOVESApplication Assistance with Social Security (SS), Social Security Disability (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Family Services (FS), HUD, and Department of Economic Security (DES)
  • Food, Clothing, and Toiletries as needed

Domestic Violence Does Not Respect Age

Domestic violence is about power and control. It is never to be confused with love, caring, or respect. It is physical harm, but it can include emotional and verbal abuse. It affects all ethnic, religious, educational, occupational, and socio-economic groups. Anyone, any age, can be a victim of this devastating and demoralizing behavior.

Recognize The Signs - Portrait of a Victim of Late Life Domestic Violence

Elder Abuse

  • Has difficulty admitting that domestic violence is a problem
  • Believes that her needs are not as important as her family
  • Has cultural or religious views that affect decisions about marriage and family
  • Believes marriage is for better or worse, and that divorce or life away from her husband, isn’t possible
  • Is concerned about what others will think if they find out that she’s a battered wife
  • Would be embarrassed, or feel like a failure, for seeking help for an abuse problem
  • Fears that leaving home will put her in a vulnerable status
  • Is financially dependent on her spouse

Preparing to Leave: A Safety Plan

  • Elder AbuseCreate a safety exit from your place of residence
  • Open a savings account in your own name to establish or increase your independence
  • Select someone you trust to be the person with whom you’ll stay when you leave
  • So you can leave quickly, leave money, an extra set of keys, copies of important documents (birth certificate, passport, social security card, and bank books), extra clothes, and telephone numbers of friends/relatives with the person you have selected
  • When you leave, bring your driver’s license, or other form of ID, any medications, prescriptions, glasses, hearing aids, and personal items, such as photographs
  • Always take photographs of any injuries you might have sustained and keep torn clothing for evidence
  • Review your Safety Plan as often as possible in order to be prepared to leave the abuser quickly. Keep your Safety Plan in a safe place

Remember that the period immediately after leaving can be a dangerous time. This is when the abuser may be the most violent. If you have to communicate with the abuser, do so by phone or mail.  If you have to do it in person, bring a police officer with you for protection.


DOVES® Program information s accessible through the Area Agency on Aging Website or you can call the Senior HELP LINE. If a call is made outside of regular business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.), you can expect a return call from a member of the DOVES® team on the next business day. DOVES® Program is proud to serve Maricopa County.

Contact Us Today

If you are a victim of domestic violence, always call 911 in emergency situations. For more information on the DOVES program, call the 24-Hour Senior HELP LINE at 602-264-4357.

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