Senior Medicare Fraud Patrol
The Senior Medicare Fraud Patrol was created in 1996 to help educate seniors and caregivers about the various forms of Medicare fraud, abuse, and errors and how to report those findings. Since 1997, the Senior Medicare Fraud Patrol has trained more than 25,000 volunteers nationwide, conducted over 60,000 community events, and counseled over one million beneficiaries.

In 2003, mispaid or fraudulent claims will account for 5.8% or $11.6 Billion

Medicare fraud costs the nation:
 $31,780 Million per day
 $1,324 Million per hour
 $22,070 per minute

The Arizona State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) provides free objective information about insurance and benefits to seniors, the disabled, and caregivers. The Senior Patrol volunteers are part of the SHIP program. They are seniors who help fight and prevent Medicare/Medicaid fraud and abuse.

The Senior Patrol Volunteers:
Increase public awareness of health care fraud;
* Increase awareness of fraud s cost;
* Define what constitutes fraud/abuse;
* Teach how to identify, report, and prevent fraud and abuse;
* Develop an anti-fraud plan

* Provide information and materials to help you become a community of  Fraud Detectives.

Benefits of being a volunteer:
A maximum commitment of four hours per week, with flexible work hours;
* Ability to provide presentations to senior centers;
* Reimbursement for travel expenses;
* Volunteer lodging accommodations for one night; and
* Necessary equipment is provided.

For more information about the Senior Medicare Fraud Patrol or for information on how to volunteer, contact the 24-hour Senior HELP LINE at 602-264-4357.

If you suspect Medicare fraud, call the statewide toll-free number: 1-800-432-4040.

To View a Flyer on Senior Medicare Patrol's Presentations or a printable flyer for the upcoming volunteer training Click an attachment below:

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