Goals & Objectives 2018-2021


 Goal 1: Increase awareness and understanding of aging issues and help prepare Arizona for an aging population. 

  1. Increase knowledge and awareness of retirement planning, aging and caregiving issues targeted to Human Resources and Employee Assistance Programs in corporations.
  2. Create a comprehensive marketing strategy to inform older adults and caregivers about the programs and services offered by the Area Agency.
  3. Pilot Caregiver Resource Zones as Agency satellite offices to serve as hubs for information and support.
  4. Identify unmet educational needs of aging services professionals and develop a training plan.


Goal 2: Increase the ability of older adults to remain active, healthy, and living independently in their communities. 

  1. Promote a Healthy Aging Initiative by offering educational series at non-traditional locations and by seeking new and innovative programs.
  2. Expand the scope of ElderVention Behavioral Health Services by partnering with health plans and offering clinical services to new populations.
  3. Explore alternative cost effective transportation and ride share methods.
  4. Develop targeted programming for special populations including holocaust survivors, LGBTQ, underserved ethnic minorities and homeless older adults.
  5. Explore the possibility of developing alternative grocery shopping programs.
  6. Enhance Agency volunteer recruitment and retention strategies to address social support needs of older adults and caregivers.


Goal 3: Increase the safety and well-being of older Arizonans. 

  1. Provide legal information and advice through legal clinics and community partnerships.
  2. Create a curriculum on dating violence to educate older adults.
  3. Help older adults maintain financial stability by promoting programs such as rent and utility assistance, SNAP and Elderly Property Assistance Fund.
  4. Advocate on issues affecting clients served by the Agency at the federal, state and local levels.

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