Emergency Housing
The Maricopa Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance (MEAPA®) and the Area Agency on Aging developed the Maricopa Elder Emergency Housing Program after the realization that victims of late life domestic violence often need to leave their homes for short periods of time.

This emergency housing program is a combined effort of various hospitals, the Area Agency on Aging's 24-hour Senior HELP LINE, and numerous assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  The program offers free housing for up to two weeks for victims who are 50 years and older, alert, and oriented.

Even though the original program was created for victims who were independent or only needed minimum assistance with most activities of daily living, it has grown to include those who may need more skilled care or supervision.

Transitional Housing

Transitional housing was developed because at least half of emergency housing clients returned to their abusers due to lack of options. The transitional housing program provides safe housing for up to two years, and includes the support of a Domestic Violence Specialist from the Area Agency on Aging who provides case management, facilitates the client's plan of independence, and leads support groups. The program initially subsidizes many of the victims who may not have the funds to pay for food, rent, or utilities. As soon as the victims begin receiving benefits or are employed, they contribute a percentage of their income toward their living expenses.

The Interim Housing Program

DOVES® interim housing is comprised of three apartments that are located away from the transitional housing facility. They are provided for graduates of the DOVES® program who are ready to move out on their own but who are waiting for affordable housing or completion of schooling or certification that will enable them to become employed and self-sufficient.

Emergency, Transitional and Interim housing offer time and support of peers, counselors, and community programs, which allows victims to become self-sufficient, financially stable, and safe.
Call the 24-Hour Senior HELP LINE  for more information:  602-264-4357 (HELP)

Domestic violence is about power and control.  It is never to be confused with love, caring, or respect.  It is physical harm, but it can include emotional and verbal abuse.  It affects all ethnic, religious, educational, occupational, and socio-economic groups.  Anyone, any age, can be a victim of this devastating and demoralizing behavior.

Remember-the period immediately after leaving can be a dangerous time.  This is when the abuser may be the most violent.  If you have to communicate with the abuser, do so by phone or mail.  If you have to do it in person, bring a police officer with you for protection.

You are not alone - help and support for victims of domestic violence is available by calling the Senior HELP LINE.

For more information please call the Senior HELP LINE at (602) 264-HELP (4357).  You can also visit www.dovesprogram.org